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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the power of 2. hey bud, you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> a dramatic confrontation now going viral. an american airlines flight attendant in a screaming match with a mother of twins. and hundreds of thousands take to the streets across the nation, using efforth day as a spring -- earth day as a spring board to march for science. >> we are marching today to remind people everywhere, our lawmakers especially, of the significance of science. >> ktvu news at 6:00 starts now. >> i'm scott, thank you for joining us. airline drama playing out. this time with american airlines on a flight taking off from sfo. a flight attendant has been sus spended after allegedly --
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suspended after allegedly striking a mother with her baby stroller. ellison has more. >> this video received a fast response from american airlines and an even faster one on social media. passengers on a flight from san francisco to dallas are accusing a flight attendant of hitting a mother with her own stroller. one person took a video. it shows what happens after the incident. a woman is holding a baby and crying. the person who posted this described saying a flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby, hitting her, and missing the baby narrowly. at least one other passenger gets up. first to ask for the flight attendant's name and then to confront him. >> hey, bud.
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you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. . >> yeah. >> go with them. >> you don't know ha the story is. -- what the story is. >> i don't care what the story is. >> american airlines is investigating. in a statement they said quote we are disappointed by these actions. the american team member has been removed from duty while we investigate this incident. the woman in the video decided to take a different flight according to american airlines. they say she was flying internationally. american also said they are upgrading the woman and her family to first class for the duration of their trip. in washington i'm ellison barber fox news. a homicide investigation underway after a shooting at a motel 6 on san jose's the
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alameda near highway 87. police received calls about shots fired around 3:30 this morning. officers arrived and found three people shot. one man died at the scene. two others were injured. officials say they're interviewing witnesses and looking for hotel surveillance video that might lead them to the shooter or shooters. >> it definitely is part of the normal course of investigation we would be looking for videocameras. >> -- video cameras. >> police are not releasing information about the vehicles or shooters. frndz and family of -- friends and family of slain teacher karen smith gathered for her funeral. ♪ >> smith's brother performed the service. 53-year-old smith and 8-year- old jonathan martinez were shot to death at north park
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elementary school. they were killed in her classroom by her estranged husband who then killed himself. she loved her four adult children and this actress lauded her dedication to teaching. >> i'm so struck at the heart, the compassion, that karen had for the special needs community. not just for her class, but for the entire community. she was an advocate. >> a plan -- plans called for smith to be buried after the service. yesterday's massive power outage in san francisco is being blamed on a fire at a pg and e substation. the cause remains unknown. it started after 9:00 a.m., left some 88,000 customers without electricity. the utility said the outage was caused by a catastrophic failure in a circuit breaker.
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it sparked a fire. during the outage the san francisco fire department responded to hundreds of calls and 20 elevator rescues. a big night for bay area sports. we got to sharks on ice, the warriors on the hard court. and joe fonzi is in the know. we're worried about kevin durant and now there's another notable absence. >> this is one of those nights where if you're a sports fan, not too many places can have it the way you have it tonight. >> two bay area teams in the post season with entirely different story lines. the warriors takeling a strangle hold. -- taking a strangle hold. game three the first of the series in portland. we come -- we've come to expect spectacular things from steph curry but mcgee influenced the game's tempo during his 13 minutes off the bench. seven of seven. 15 points, five rebounds,
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and four block shots. ian clark was another effective player. they'll be just as important tonight. word tonight is that kevin durant will miss a second game due to that strained calf muscle. it's desperation time for the san jose sharks in their series with edmonton. they led a 3-1 -- they let a 3- 1 lead get away. forced overtime, oscar hits the san jose net with less than three minutes to play in regulation. the lead is gone. they head to overtime. a minute 45 away from a second ot when danny sent everybody home. the sharks pulled out an ot in game one. not this time. the oilers set up tonight's elimination game in san jose. you mentioned one other person, steph curry will not be coaching because he's sick. no durant, no ker.
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they proved -- kerr. they proved they can get by without everybody there. >> fans want to see kd, but this is the right call. >> steph curry has said that. it's not like you're playing a seventh game of a deciding series. you twinge something now and make that more serious and you don't go deep in the playoffs. they want to avoid that. >> they've proven they can win without derant. we'll see if they get -- durant. we'll see if they get it done tonight. >> absolutely. >> see you in a bit. chanting and holding signs, thousands around the nation gathered today taking part in the march for science. they're demanding that lawmakers acknowledge science and accept facts and data. the largest marches happening in new york, chicago, and the anchor city of washington, d.c. where protestors hope to catch the attention of congress and president trump who has proposed cuttings to federal -- cuts to federal agencies focused on science missions.
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>> it's important to me to see that science is supported and to send the message that we need funding. to cut funding is a horrible mistake. >> president trump released a statement for earth day today saying in part quote my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. hundreds maybe thousands of people in san francisco today respect buying the president's claim. the annual earth day rally turned political with many saying they believe the current administration is in fact threatening scientific research. lee martinez joins us from civic center, lee? >> the marchers are going home now. you just missed the party. music was turned off at 6:00. we talked to scientists and science lovers who say that they feel they are under attack. there have been proposed cuts to the environmental protection agency.
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there are climate deniers, and the trump administration has used the word alternative facts. the people who marched today and gather add at the -- gathered at the civic center feel as though they're the true american patriots. scientists were treated like rock stars. in fact geo science rocks. catch the clever word play in the crowd. >> we are smart and we are strong. >> this is a crowd that supports the environment. medicine, scientific research, and facts. mary says she's a quiet person but needed to be here and made these brain hats for her family. >> i have a hard time vocalizing what my beliefs are, but this is a way i could do that quietly. >> we all want to leave a better world and life for our children. >> those speaking out to the massive crowd at justin herman plaza include the host of the popular show myth busters.
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>> it's entertaining because we're telling a story of science. science is a story about how the world works. we take the best data. we're raised to think it's facts. those facts don't mean anything until you put them in context. then you learn a story about how the world works. that's how all world progress is made. >> newton's law. >> science supporters we spoke to say they fear the trump administration deals in lies and propaganda that threaten conservation and progress. >> scientifically scary that people who don't have the best interests of all of us at heart. >> thurston was here in support of women and diversity in science. >> i want to talk about my mother. she was a compute every programmer. she was a computer program ner the 80 -- programmer in the 80s. she was a single woman in washington, d.c. it's important to elevate the work of women. when science and technology are
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dominated primarily by one race and gender it's a good reminder to be inclusive. >> the rally then morphed into a march on market street. >> make way for science. >> an engineer from other lab road a dinosaur instead. >> basically we wanted to have a creative fun thing to get people excited about dinosaurs and engineering and science in general. >> science lives. >> the marchers took the opportunity to show off what science and technology can do to teach and to recruit. the marchers say to them science equals freedom and that more people benefit when governments have policies that support science. in san francisco lee martinez. in pacifica people celebrated with an ekoe festival.
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-- eco festival. >> there were performances by high school and junior high bands at the beach. in addition to the booths and science exhibits there was work to be done on the beach. bucket-toting volunteers picked up trash. the boy scouts from troop 74 were onhand and adult leaders said it was a no-brainer. >> it makes for a bert place to live -- better place to live. having clean, safe beaches for your kids to enjoy makes sense. we saw parts from cars off the freeway, various trash, bottles, plastic, cigarette butts, you name it. >> organizers expected several thousand people at the event. it's just amazing, you know? it's mind boggling that in our group of people would come together like this. >> a heart warming story out of the south bay. people coming together to help their neighbors and give back to the community.
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plus, president trump coming up on the hundredth day of his first term. the week ahead could be one of the busiest so far for congress. details on the way. and our cooldown expected to continue. more -- cooldown is expected to continue. more sunshine tomorrow, i'll explain coming up.
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the white house is setting its sights on tax reform in the days ahead as the president approaches the iconic 100-day mark. also on the administration's to- do list, health care reform and the federal buvenlth. house speaker paul ryan says another issue is a priority. >> several significant deadlines coming up this week. some are fixed deadlines that
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can't be moved like the deadline to avoid a government shutdown. others are imposed by president trump like his renewed call to repeal and replace obamacare. those are two tall orders for less than a week. then president trump added even more with this announcement just yesterday. >> we'll be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. the process has begun long ago but it really formally begins on wednesday. >> telling his secretary to get to it, get done. when asked yesterday if he thought it was possible to get it all done here was his response. >> can you speak to us about the legislative action, how you're going to accomplish that? >> it's going to be great. it'll happen. we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. but health care is coming along well.
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government is coming along really well. lot of good things are happening. thank you. >> you're going get a health care bill next week? >> doesn't matter if it's next week. that doesn't matter. >> the only deadline that does matter is the deadline to avoid a government shutdown. mulvaney says he's confident a deal will be reached. we've learned time and again that any time you're in a partisan political climate like this anything is possible. at the white house kristin fisher, fox news. elsewhere president trump presented the first purple heart of his presidency. >> congratulations from melania, myself, and the entire nation. >> trump bestowed the honor on alvaro barrietos. he lost his willing in combat in afghan -- his leg in combat in afghanistan. the purple heart is awarded to
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soldiers wounded or killed in combat. time to check in with rosemary and consistency weather wise seems to elude us these days. >> some nice weather coming our way for the second part of the weepgd. a little bit -- weekend. a little bit manufacture sunshine. plenty of cloud -- little bit more sunshine. plenty of cloud cover a beautiful view as we look across the bay. you can see the golden gate bridge in the backdrop. we've got a still green, gray, dark color to the water. all that cloud cover, plenty to go around. you can see we're beginning to clear out. 65 degrees in santa rosa. upper 50s in san francisco, oakland at 62. 64 livermore and 64 san jose. temperatures are cooler this afternoon than where we were 24 hours ago. down by ten degrees sfo as well
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as san jose and livermore. down by ten over portions of the north bay like napa. storm tracker 2, a lot of overcast sky. a little hard to tell from this standpoint. we had a little bit of drizzle on the coast. a little bit of light rain over the north bay earlier today. again, this is going to continue to push out. and as we get into your sunday we're looking at a little bit more sunshine. temperatures aren't going to warm a whole lot. we will indeed have a little bit more than we're seeing right here. a trough moving through the pacific northwest brought the cloud cover and the drizzle as well as a sfu sprinkles. here's a look at the afternoon and evening hours. clearing out tomorrow morning. a little bit more sunshine, but because of the clearing we're going to be cooler out there as we get into the overnight hours. expect a lot of 40s, perhaps a few low 50s. a look at the afternoon highs. 70 for santa rosa, 66 san
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rafael. mid-60s for berkeley. oakland another nice day, 62 san francisco. low 70s for the inner east bay. how about the south bay? looking good as well with temperatures in up thor 60s expect -- upper 60s expected. santa cruz at 68. the extended forecast here. temperatures continuing to cool a bit as we get into your business week. we're looking at the possibility of a few sprinkles into tuesday. for the most part a nice mild weekend. a lot of folks out there for national parks week and for efforth day of course. >> i see you got the shark's teal going. >> they're playing this evening. >> 60 and icy inside the tank. >> yes, perfect. in honor of earth day volunteers rehabbed and rebuilt homes of those in need. kristin cafton shows us what a difference rebuilding together can make. >> earth day is founded on the
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belief that small acts can make a global difference teams of volunteers spent earth day 2017 working on a pair of homes at the town and country motor home park. don from rebuilding sill kon valley says -- silicon valley says it's an example of the xunt coming together. -- community coming together. >> it's about taking care of our world, our community. >> volunteers from the first congregational church and san jose marriott drilled, scraped, and painted the homes. >> we have about 14 engineers that came to us today. >> bill is watching the community come together to see that his needs are served. at 84 years old and suffering from a chronic disease it's work he wouldn't be able to do on his own. >> it's just amazing. it's mind boggling that a group of people would come together like this and put up their time and energy to come over and
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help somebody else. that's what makes life worth living. >> nannette may watched a team of workers transform her home and can't thank the volunteers enough. >> it's wonderful. i think the it's great that they come together to help others. >> while it might be too late to volunteer this year they're encouraging everyone to get ready for next year. guess who is the hottest team in the american league? spoiler alert, they wear green and gold. the athletics looking for their fifth straight victory. joe fonzi all the details next in sports.
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ktvu fox 2 the bay area's choice for traffic. joe is here with sports. and a lot of folks surprised that the giants scuffling on one side of the bay and how well the a's are playing. who are these guys in spring training? on a nice run now. if you got there late you missed most of the action. didn't take the mariners long to get on board. robinson cano put a ball over
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the wall. the a's did much better in their half. adam rosales the first area batter faced. one over the 3 # # sign in center. the a's are back even. not for long after jed hourry singled ryan joined the home run derby. that was most of the excitement. cotton went six innings for the win. opened a couple games over 500 and winners of five in a row after that 4-3 win. the warriors about to get underway in portland. game three of their series with the blazers and late word that kevin durant will sit out the second straight game. mike brown will be the coach due to a steve kerr illness. home court hasn't meant a lot. game four today in milwaukee. the bucks coopo, always present.
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dead even after a quarter. and that's a half. rosen would do that all night if nobody picks him up. rosen led with 33. on this possession the shot clock is running out on kyle. he gets it to fall. he had 18 as toronto evens the series at two games each. always about the kids at the beginning of an mls game. the earthquakes in search of their first game since the first two of the season. didn't get it today. on the corner kick albert ellis making it look easy. a 2-3-3. good enough for fifth place in the western conference. the sharks hosting an elimination game against ed monton. no -- edmonton. no shortage of sports tonight in the bay area. >> multiple tvs. >> the sharks on at the same time. >> we got plenty of them here.
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thanks joe. coming up on the 10:00 news, police activity in berkeley as residents shelter in place. plus an american airlines flight attendant suspended after a conflict with a passenger at sfo. what passengers say led to the confrontation and what american airlines had to say about it. thanks for making ktvu your source for news and we will see you tonight at 10:00. 0. [ laughing ] oh, my god.
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that is so freaking funny. [ laughing ] i know, right? what? dad just wrote another classic one. tell her. oh! i don't know about "classic," but here we go. "if you're looking for a two-story house, i'm your man. "i'll tell you one story before you buy it and then another story after." luke: no, you didn't! [ both laugh ] tonight is the s.c.a.r.b. the southern california annual realtor's banquet. i think they know what it is. mm-hmm. it's the mother of all residential-real-estate banquets. now, for the last five years, gil thorpe has hosted, but as luck would have it, he's having a sketchy-looking polyp removed, so they've asked me to..."phil in." [ laughing ] see what i did? oh, yeah. "phil." you think i should open with that? you betcha. you should. [ both laugh ] phil is gonna bomb.


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